Join us May 29 to June 4 and show us your moves!


Inspiring Canadians to be the Healthiest Nation by 2030

Senator Chantel Petit-clerc

Senator Chantal Petitclerc

This year, let’s embrace our wonderful winter and all it has to offer.

Skiing, skating, or going for a long walk.

There is no limit to what we can do to enjoy the season: Feel better, be healthier.


(13) Chantal Petitclerc on Twitter: “Cette semaine, cet hiver et cette année, on profite de nos beaux espaces. On sort dehors, on s’amuse et on bouge! ❄️🎿🛷⛸ Bonne semaine hivernale de l’activité physique! #WHFW2022 #SHAP2022 #ShowUsYourMoves #BougeAvecNous @NHFDcan https://t.co/FDSrTBogQX” / Twitter

Get out there! Be active!

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