Join us May 29 to June 4 and show us your moves!


Inspiring Canadians to be the Healthiest Nation by 2030

Senator Lucie Moncion

“Durant la semaine Hivernale de la Santé et de la Forme Physique. Soyez actif, c’est le temps de profiter des joies de l’hiver.

During this Winter Health and Fitness Week. Be active, now is the time to experience winter in all its wonder.”

Senator Lucie Moncion

Feeling inspired by our amazing #TeamCanada athletes? You can take part in a variety of outdoor activities in @cityofnorthbay, such as tobogganing and snowshoeing 🛷 ❄: https://northbay.ca/our-community/recreational-activities/winter-activities/… #CdnPoli #SenCA #ShowUsYourMoves #EmbraceWinter

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