Join us May 29 to June 4 and show us your moves!


Inspiring Canadians to be the Healthiest Nation by 2030

About Us

#Showusyourmoves is a group of organizations from across the country whose focus is to make Canada the healthiest nation in the world by 2030!

We combine non-profits, for-profits, and all those in-between.

#ShowUsYourMoves is the call to action for National Health and Fitness Foundation through its Winter Health and Fitness Week and it’s summer National Health and Fitness Day in June. These events are celebrated by over 500 communities across Canada and have interactions exceeding 50 million!

We are a group of organizations committed to improving Canadians health and wellbeing. Everyone contributes and celebrates Winter Health and Fitness Week in their own way!

Canadian Women and Sport
Canadian Olympic Committee
Canadian Paralympic Committee
Canadian Parks and Recreation Association
City of Ottawa
Department of Heritage
Exercise is Medicine
Ottawa U
University of Toronto
Cancer Society
Canadian Society for Sport Physiology
PHE Canada
Active for Life
Sport for Life
Sport Information Resource Centre
Fitness Industry Council of Canada
Canadian Fitness Leadership Alliance
Institute on Aging & Lifelong Health
Senate Mental Health Committee
Heart and Stroke Foundation
And many others…            

Please join us in the celebration:

1. Showusyourmoves online – post a picture or video on social media with the tag line #showusyourmoves or #bougeavecnous

2. Host an event – please add your event for free on our listing service. You can register to publish your event listing here

3. Join one of our many partners by finding an online virtual or in-person event here.

4. Read Canada’s Poet Laureate’s “Over Sixty-five” poem created to celebrate the event.

5. Join Dr. Roger S McIntyre in understanding the importance of movement and the tie to our physical and mental health.

6. Get pumped up for #ShowUsYourMoves with videos from Canada’s Female Athlete of the 20th Century, Senators, Olympians, NHL and NSL athletes and even social media stars.

We look forward to celebrating with you! #ShowUsYourMoves!

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