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Kinesiologists Celebrate Show Us Your Moves – downloadable materials and tips and Free Virtual session

2021 NATIONAL HEALTH & FITNESS DAY (NHFD)  - Show Us Your Moves!

In preparation for the 2021 National Health and Fitness Day on June 5th, the CKA invites Kinesiologists and PKAs to get involved online to keep contact with clients. Kins must remind Canadians that Kinesiologists are there for them in order to increase awareness of the profession.

Canada is in the second year of battling COVID and coping with pandemic restrictions.  People are tired, frustrated and fatigued. While physical activity opportunities are limited or unavailable we know that being active helps significantly with managing stress and depression. This year especially we want to highlight the ways people can get active and how important activity is for physical and mental health.

This year NHFD will host a virtual “warm-up” event June 1-4 culminating with National Health and Fitness Day on Saturday June 5th. Let's identify and applaud the many ways that Canadians “get moving” and keep active on the trails, waterways and in the parks of Canada.

Looking for ideas of how to be active during COVID-19?

Learn about best practices in other communities by watching this webinar featuring Prince George, Collingwood and Queen's Place Emera Centre.

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