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Yoga Outreach Project – June 6, 10AM

Yoga Outreach Project - Join us for a free online session

We are a registered not-for-profit making yoga accessible to all. We are holding an event as part of ParticipACTION’s Community Better Challenge this Sunday, June 6 at 10 am. This event is complimentary with no costs to participants.  Please register on our website https://www.yogaoutreachproject.com/

We would love to share about this event with Show Us Your Moves.

We currently offer complimentary live virtual yoga classes serving our community inclusive of vulnerable,  marginalized & underserved populations.

We were recent Grant recipients of the Red Cross Covid Relief Fund for a recent project that concluded in February 2021.

Our Instagram handle is @yogaoutreachproject 

Contact Information

12-01 2420 Baronwood Dr Oakville On L6M 0X6
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